"Positive View Foundation is a cultural arts charity that delivers photography and film projects to disadvantaged 16-25 year olds living in various towns across Kent - a region where there are few grant foundations and trusts.  However, this has been resolved by "Invisible Grantmakers". Since recently purchasing a copy of this vitally useful publication Positive View has been successful in identifying trusts and foundations spread across the UK that support youth charities based in Kent.  During the past three months we have submitted applications to six of these Trusts, each that we had not identified previously.  The result being that within three-months Positive View has been awarded 4 new project grants ranging from £8,000 to £20,000. Although most of our project funding comes from major London foundations "Invisible Grantmakers" has now been welcomed as another major funding source in our Fundraising Programme. Andrew Page, Founder and CEO, Positive View Foundation.

"Crisis UK would once again like to receive a copy of your excellent and well-researched publication." Anna Greaves, Trusts and Lottery Manager, Crisis UK

“Invisible Grantmakers is a fantastic resource for the price. There are always quite a few relevant prospective funders in there for the areas I am interested in - healthcare and medical research - and many which I have not come across before in my prospect research. This resource saves me time and offers a good level of detail for me to ascertain which funders are (or might) be relevant to my charity.  As such, I’m always excited to get my hands on a copy yearly.  Such a great resource to be able to offer at a low price, and it’s especially appreciated in a particularly challenging fundraising climate. Thank you!” Sarah Bicu, Trusts and Foundations Manager, World Cancer Research Fund

"Invisible Grantmakers is a hugely valuable resource for our charity, providing high quality prospects that in turn have provided significant income for our work. Every edition for the past 8 years has resulted in new relationships with donors, many of whom have gone on to support our work on an annual basis. I highly recommend Invisible Grantmakers for fundraisers.” Pete Lewis, Director of Fundraising, Surfers Against Sewage

“We’ve been receiving Invisible Grantmakers for around a decade and it’s a great resource that has helped us raise significant funding for clients over the years. Well researched and accurate (not something that can be said for some of the databases on offer), it’s a really good source for new and obscure grant funders and it’s not expensive either. We have no hesitation in recommending Invisible Grantmakers.” Julian Lomas, Director, Almond Tree Strategic Consulting

“I have worked as a Grants Fundraiser in the charitable sector for 23 years and I have been using Invisible Grantmakers since 2002. This well presented, researched and detailed guide helped me to raise in excess of £320,000 and form lasting relationships with many valuable funders. Having taken up a new post with another charity in January 2021, I have continued to use Invisible Grantmakers, and past publications have already helped me to secure new funders for the charity’s work, proving that this really is an invaluable resource for any Grants Fundraiser. I wouldn’t be without it!” Liz Brownnutt, Head of Fundraising, Batten Disease Family Association

"Live Music Now provides music projects for vulnerable children, older people and communities around the UK. Raising funds for such specialist work is difficult, particularly as we don’t have much time. Invisible Grantmakers has been invaluable in helping identify new supporters, and explaining what their priorities might be. Thank you." Evan Dawson, Executive Director, Live Music Now

“Our income this year was given a really big boost when we received a further cheque from a trust we originally found in an edition several years back. Long live the Invisible Grantmakers publication! Thank you!"  Ruth Hooper, Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser, Designability

"We’ve subscribed to Invisible Grantmakers since 2016. It’s proved to be an accurate and helpful resource, resulting in a number of new and repeat funding partnerships. We always look forward to receiving our annual copy." Julia Seal, Head of Fundraising, WaterHarvest