About Invisible Grantmakers

Invisible Grantmakers is an annually produced report that identifies and profiles little-known grantmaking trusts that are not featured in the best known published and online directories. Because these trusts are relatively hidden, they receive fewer applications than trusts featured in the popular directories, giving fundraisers a greater than average chance of a positive response.

Used by hundreds of charities, large and small, and by independent fundraisers and researchers, Invisible Grantmakers is based principally on a detailed item by item analysis of entries on the Charity Commission’s Register of Charities. Each annual edition is different, with no trust ever featured twice - in over 20 years!

Each entry in Invisible Grantmakers outlines the trust’s giving preferences, with reference to past grants and stated giving criteria. The latest income, assets and grant figures are reported, together with trustee names and full contact details. High net worth trustees are identified, as are trustee links to other charities.

Invisible Grantmakers is compiled primarily as an aid to charities and fundraisers that are already actively raising grants from trusts and foundations. Charities without experience in this area are advised to start by reading the Charity First Series title Raising Funds from Grantmakers.

The latest edition, Invisible Grantmakers 2022, is now available to order from this site. Other editions available either individually or in packages at discount prices are Invisible Grantmakers 2021, 20202019 and 2018. Please note that each annual edition contains an entirely different list of trusts - there is no repetition between reports. To view more information and to order copies of these publications click here. 

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